Myobrace for Children

At Sana Dental, our dentist and staff members are excited to talk with you about how the Myobrace system can positively impact your child. Reach out to us at our office in Edmonton today to learn more about how this non-invasive, non-permanent dental treatment can impact your child’s teeth, airways, jaw, and overall health.

Airway-Centric Orthodontics and Dentistry for Children

Does Your Child Snore Or Struggle With Open Mouth Breathing? Here’s What You Need To Know.

For children aged 2 to 4 years old, snoring is not normal. Both open-mouth breathing and snoring at this age can harm a child’s cognition, development, and growth. Ten to sixteen hours of high-quality sleep is key for healthy development in toddlers and preschoolers. Balance Epigenetic Orthodontics can begin treating children as young as two years old to protect sleep and promote healthy jaw development, promoting healthy airway and facial development later in life.

Introducing Myobrace

Simple, elegant, and non-permanent, the Myobrace treatment appliance stimulates proper tongue placement, keeps the jaws in the correct position, and strengthens lip seal – all during sleep. These factors promote healthy facial and jaw development. The Myobrace appliance also protects deep sleep, essential to a child’s healthy development. Kids who wear a Myobrace appliance report better school performance, increased energy, and an enhanced sense of well-being.

Don’t Ignore The Symptoms

Most kids are first screened by an orthodontist at age 7, and treatment usually doesn’t start until age 12. With the help of recent research, dentistry professionals now understand that this waiting period creates missed opportunity for simple corrections.

Early treatment allows us to use Myobrace dental technology to maximize the opportunity for healthy facial growth. Dr. Pavlenko believes that many children treated with Myobrace dentistry appliances will not need braces in their teens.

Myobrace technology eliminates mouth-breathing and snoring by developing your child’s airway. Allowing your child’s jaws to be fully forward creates competent, strong airways while supporting proper body posture. These factors allow for restful sleep and promote the development of aesthetically pleasing facial features.

Signs That Your Child Is Struggling With Poor Sleep Patterns Due to Underdeveloped Jaw Structure May Include:

  • Learning and attention issues, including hyperactivity, inattention, academic problems, and/or ADD/ADHD
  • Behavioral and mood issues, including impulsivity, oppositional behavior, depression, anxiety, moodiness, and/ or irritability
  • Health issues, including bed-wetting, unexplained weight gain, insulin resistance and/or pre-diabetes syndrome, slowed growth patterns, chronic respiratory infections, enlarged tonsils and/or adenoids, asthma, immune system issues, and/or immune system problems
  • Energy and sleep issues, including difficulty waking up in the morning, insomnia, restless sleep, night sweats, and/or daytime sleepiness

Long-Term Benefits of Myobrace Treatment for Children

When we get to work with your child at an early age, we can use the Myobrace dental system to positively impact facial and jaw development. We’ll work with you to eliminate mouth-breathing and snoring, creating more restful sleep for your child, as well as reducing the likelihood of sleep apnea in their adult years.

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