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COVID-19 Safety

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Our COVID-19 Safety Procedures for Patients & Staff

Our COVID-19 Safety Procedures for Patients & Staff

Staff and patient safety is always our top priority, and always has been, even before COVID-19. In today’s “new normal,” this remains the case, with increased safety measures and precautions in place.

What to Expect when you visit our office:

  • Patients will be pre-screened for health status and potential exposure to COVID-19 prior to any appointment.
  • To facilitate and maintain physical distancing within the practice and limit contact with surfaces, personalized arrival procedures for patients will now include paperless completion of patient screening and consent on our website.
  • All patients and team members will be supplied with hand sanitizer upon entering the practice before exiting treatment areas.
  • All patients, accompanying adults, and team members are required to wear a mask when inside the practice.
  • Adequate reduction and spacing of reception room seating and removal of all non-essential surface items (such as magazines, toys, books, etc.) that can harbor or transfer germs of any kind. Hand sanitizers are positioned throughout the clinic.
  • Visible signage throughout the practice to enhance your awareness of health issues related to this pandemic, as well as to ensure optimized traffic flow and distancing.
  • Providing a 1.5% hydrogen peroxide oral pre-rinse for all patients over the age of 12 to minimize the risk of aerosol-mediated virus transmission. The rinse decreases the amount of COVID-19 virus in the saliva.
  • Enhanced operatory disinfection procedures of all surfaces between patients as well as of all high-touch surfaces throughout the practice.
  • Enhanced PPE, including respirators, face-shields, long sleeve gowns, and headcovers for clinical team members.
  • Enhanced nightly disinfection procedures of all equipment and office fixtures like computers, keyboards, telephones, tablets, chairs, doorknobs, and buttons.

Please rest assured that our plan is dynamic, and strictly follows all guidelines set by our governing bodies.

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