Smile Gallery

These photos are of actual patients of Sana Dental who have given us their consent to use the photos. The photos are for educational purposes only. They are displayed so that other patients can see the results of our treatments. Results may vary per patient as no two patients are the same. Some photos are taken immediately after treatment while others are taken weeks afterward so imperfections may be present on some photos. Please consult with our dentists for any questions you have or to arrange a consultation.

Trish was suffering from severe migraines, neck, shoulder and back pain with general fatigue or a regular basis. She had a very deep overbite and her jaw was compressed.

To begin to relieve her of these symptoms she began treatment with physiological upper and lower fixed orthotics to re-establish her jaw and muscle’s physiological balance. She was able to complete permanent stabilization with upper and lower porcelain restorations and is now PAIN FREE!!

Lisa was unhappy with the aesthetic appearance of her smile and did not like the overall appearance and color of her teeth. With porcelain restorations she was able to achieve a bright and youthful smile, giving Lisa the confidence to shine at every turn.

Natalie was never satisfied with her smile. The teeth appeared to short, uneven and not a uniform color. After completing laser gum recontouring to even out the gum line she proceeded with 10 upper porcelain veneers to even the shape of her teeth along with creating a beautiful white smile!!

Ray was concerned with the amount of wearing and chipping that was occurring with his top front teeth.

For treatment he was placed in a lower physiological fixed orthotic to re-establish his bite and was then transitioned into upper porcelain reconstruction with aesthetic restorations.
Susan was very unhappy with her smile. She did not like the shape of her teeth, the alignment or the color of her smile. She wanted to feel confident is smiling and would hide her smile.

Laser gum recontouring was done to even the gum line and then aesthetic porcelain restorations were placed to align the teeth and give her the bright white smile that she was looking for!

Cody was very unhappy with the appearance of his smile. The teeth appeared small and there were large spaces between his teeth.

Laser gum recontouring was completed to even the smile line and then ten porcelain restorations were placed to create proportion of the teeth and close the spaces. By doing this he now confident and happy to smile!

Ken came to the office with concerns in regards to his bad bite and as a result the chipping and wearing of his teeth that was beginning to occur. As a child he had a tooth removed and this resulted in a significant shift to his biting relationship. Ken did suffer from occational headaches, TMJ pain, and clenching, facial and cervical pain to name a few. His end goal that he wanted to achieve was a balanced bite, better smile and relief of his symptoms.

Ken began treatment with fixed physiological upper and lower repositional orthotic to align his jaw, muscles and bite. Over time his symptoms dissipated and he became balanced. Ken finished his treatment with full mouth rejuvenation to permanently maintain his new bite and give him the aesthetic smile he was looking for.

Leeann came looking for relief from her severe headaches, migraines, neck/ shoulder pain, anxiety and bad sleep. She explored many options however was never truly able to find a solution to her concerns.

Leeann began with balancing her muscles and joints with a physiological fixed repositional appliance to balance and re-establish her upper and lower relationship. After some time her symptoms began to decrease and she was experiencing relief. Leeann was restored with full mouth reconstruction to permanently maintain her new physiological position. She is now living without her previous symptoms!

Walter came to us with concerns in how severely worn down his teeth were and the aesthetic appearance that this created for him. The wearing down of his teeth was from his grinding tendencies and the imbalance of his muscles and jaw joints.

Walter received physiological upper and lower fixed orthotics to re-establish his bite and restore the missing tooth structure that had been worn away, this also created a physiological balance for his muscles and joints. He finished treatment with full mouth rejuvenation and achieved a aesthetically pleasing smile taking years off of his appearance to go with his youthful spirit!

Marg suffered on a regular basis with neck, shoulder and back pain she was also unhappy with the appearance of her teeth and her very deep overbite. She began treatment with physiological fixed lower orthotic to re-establish her bite and decompress her muscles and joints. She was then able to permanently stabilize her new bite with full mouth rehabilitation, giving her a wonderful new smile and a non-surgical face lift!

Nataliya was not happy with her worn down and chipped front teeth. She also suffered with headaches, neck and back pain on a regular basis.

To begin we started with relieving her symptoms with physiological fixed orthotic to re-establish her bite and balance her muscles and joints. Once this was achieved full mouth reconstruction was completed to permanently maintain balance and give her the smile she was always hoping for!

Paula came with the goal to enhance her smile in a conservative way that would provide her with an even and white smile. To achieve this laser gum recontouring was done to even the smile line, whitening with an at home whitening system was used to brighter the teeth, and then aesthetic bonding was done to create a better tooth proportion and symmetry giving her exactly what she was looking for in her smile!

Suzanne was suffering from severe temporomandibular joint disorder which resulted in her having joint pain, headaches, the inability to chew food, and limitations with opening her mouth.

The goal was to relieve the pain, this was achieved by placing a physiological lower fixed therapeutical orthotic to treat her jaw misalignment. When she became free of her symptoms the alignment of her jaw was permanently stabilized with lower arch porcelain restorations. She then proceeded with minor tooth movement applience to straighten and align her upper front teeth. She is now free from pain and loving her smile!

Cheryl came looking for a solution to her headaches, back/ neck pain, jaw pain, poor sleep and postural concerns due to temporomandibular joint disorder.

The goal was to achieve balance of the muscles and joints and in turn relieve her symptoms. This was achieved with a lower physiological fixed orthotic to correct the misalignment of the jaw, bite and muscles. Once she began to have relief and became symptom free she was permanently restored with full upper porcelain restorations along with the lower back teeth.

Greg did not like how his teeth had become dark, worn down and chipped over time. He wanted a solution to restore not just his teeth but his overall oral health and bite.

He was placed in upper and lower fixed orthotic to achieve a balanced physiological bite. Once this was achieved he was then able to permanently restore his teeth and smile with full mouth porcelain reconstruction.

Laurel suffered with severe migraines, vertigo, neck/ back pain, restless nights, general fatigue, and chipped broken teeth. She was looking for a way to relieve her symptoms.

Laurel was placed in a lower physiological repositional orthotic to re-establish a proper upper and lower jaw relationship. Once her symptoms decreased and she became pain free she was permanently restored with full mouth rejuvenation with porcelain restorations.

Len’s main concern with his smile was that he was wearing down his teeth and he had the feeling that he was losing his bite. He was also suffering from sleeping concerns resulting in not feeling rested and tired.

Len was placed in a physiological fixed orthotic to restore his lost bite dimension. When his bite was re-established he was able to then proceed with full mouth rejuvenation porcelain restorations. This process restored his lost bite as well as restored the anatomy of his teeth. With the restoring of his bite he also noticed a considerable improvement with his sleep quality.