Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation

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Facial Rejuvenation in Edmonton

A facial rejuvenation can help restore or repair a worn-out smile. When your teeth are returned to their original size and shape, and bite issues have been addressed, there’s a good chance you will look and feel better.

Over time, everything wears out…including your smile

As it is with most things, over the course of time, things wear out. Your car, your clothes, your electronics, and yes, even your teeth.

If your teeth start to wear down, eventually the space between your lower and upper jaw is decreased. This results in your chin moving closer to your nose, and the lower part of your face can become “squished” looking.

You may also notice:

  • your lips changing shape
  • jowls appearing on the sides of your lower jaw
  • a deep crease forming between your chin and lower lip
  • the skin of your lower face caving in and causing deep creases

One of the biggest impacts of a worn out smile, besides appearance, is how it can contribute to jaw alignment problems, resulting in snoring, sleep apnea or painful TMJ symptoms.

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Rebuild from the bottom up

If bite correction is part of your rejuvenation, jaw and muscle monitoring equipment is used to find the best, most optimal bite for your specific face.

What some people call a non-surgical facelift, facial rejuvenation is actually a balance-and-function process that involves

  • Determining the cause of your jaw problem
  • Scanning the jaw and muscle to find the right bite
  • Creating an orthotic to restore your bite
  • Using dental treatment or restorations to repair your teeth, bite and smile

Fix your facial foundation

The primary idea behind a facial rejuvenation is to specifically target the areas that are causing you to look older than you feel. The second is to ensure:

  • your jaw is properly aligned
  • missing teeth are replaced
  • worn or shortened teeth are restored

Once your teeth and jaw alignment issues are resolved, you should regain the foundation that reinforces your facial structure. This helps to lengthen the space between your nose and chin, and reduce some of the creases and jowls that may have appeared. Here are a few of those procedures and how they help:

  • Porcelain veneers and dental bonding restore, shape, length and density. They are also are used to cover flaws, perk up drooping lips, and smooth out wrinkles.
  • Dental implants and bridges fill empty spaces created by missing teeth. Replacing missing teeth increases facial support, prevents remaining teeth from shifting, and helps to keep your jaw in alignment.
  • Arch widening is used to expand the jaw, adding lift to the cheeks, and making space for overcrowded teeth.
  • Invisible braces, and other forms of orthodontics, reposition teeth that may be impacting jaw alignment or impacting facial structure.
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