TMJ Jaw Pain

If you’re at a loss to understand why you are experiencing pain behind your eyes or beside them, or pain and ringing in your ears, you may have TMJ disorder.

TMJ Ear & Eye Pain in Edmonton

Is jaw pain making it difficult to eat, talk or smile?

Jaw pain can be extremely uncomfortable, making it a challenge to eat or talk. It can be some of the worst pain you can experience. Because it is so close the brain, we tend feel it more deeply than pain in other areas of our body.

Where is this pain coming from?

The source of your jaw pain could be caused by a misaligned bite. When your bite is out of alignment, the upper and lower teeth meet incorrectly in what is called a “bad bite”. Under these circumstances, your jaw muscles have to work extra hard to do the job they were meant to do. Even at rest, stress is put on them because of the misaligned joint.

As time goes on, inflammation builds up. There are several large nerves running through the jaw area that control the face, head, neck and shoulders. When inflammation puts pressure on these nerves, it can cause pain in whatever area the nerve branch is running to.

Find out if TMJ is the cause of your jaw pain

A dentist can help you determine if you are suffering from TMJ. To make an accurate diagnosis, the dentist must look beyond your teeth to evaluate your jaw joint and all its related structures (nerves, muscles, blood vessels etc.). Once the diagnosis is made, the dentist can design a plan of treatment options specifically suited for you.

When phase 1 is complete, and your bite’s ideal pathology has been established, you and your dentist can discuss a longer-term plan for maintenance of your corrected bite.

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