Vitamin K2 to Promote Bone Growth

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Vitamin K2 to Promote Bone Growth

As Western diets evolved, we seem to have left vital nutritional elements such as Vitamin K2 behind. Between fast-food, takeout, choice beef, store-bought chicken, and alternative diets, we typically no longer include organ meats such as liver and kidneys. Primitive cultures did not let those food sources go to waste, and the K2 benefits made them healthier for it. At Sana Dental in Edmonton, AB, we take a holistic approach to dentistry and would like our community members to consider the facial bone growth benefits of increased K2 in your daily diet.

What is Vitamin K2?

It wasn’t until 1929 that Vitamin K was considered an essential nutrient that delivers blood coagulation and dental health benefits. The letter “K” stands for “Koagulationsvitamin” and it was discovered by a dentist researching the connection between diet and disease. He found that non-industrial diets typically included high levels of Vitamin K and other nutrients that appear to provide enhanced protection against tooth decay. He also designated two types of K vitamins.
  • K1: This type is generally found in leafy greens and other plant sources.
  • K2: This type is found in animal meats and has a variety of sub-types.
Controlled studies indicate that Vitamin K can activate critical proteins that promote calcium distribution throughout the body. The healthy calcification helps bones such as the jaw achieve growth potential. Without adequate K2 in your daily diet, you could struggle with a wide range of unnecessary health issues.

What is the Impact of a K2 Deficiency?

There are differences of opinion about how much K2 is necessary every day. Many multi-vitamin supplements and food nutrient overviews rank it on the low side, and some not at all. That’s largely because the importance of K2 has remained somewhat under the radar. What many experts do agree on is that K2 and Vitamin D have a symbiotic relationship. In proportional amounts, they deliver high-level bone growth. When K2 is deficient, calcium deposits can crop up throughout the body while facial development stagnates. Deficiencies are considered particularly harmful in youngsters during their bone growth years. Underdeveloped facial bones can result in life-long sleep apnea and reduced oxygen intake. It may also lead to underdeveloped jaw structures and impact otherwise healthy teeth. In many ways, failing to maintain sufficient K2 levels during bone growth years and into adulthood can trigger a wide range of health and dental problems. The good news is that facial growth treatments can be part of your oral health regimen. Experts point to the potential regenerative effects that ramping up K2 in your diet can deliver.

Work with an Edmonton Dentist Committed to Holistic Health

At Sana Dental, we take a holistic approach to oral hygiene and overall wellness. That’s why we work diligently with our community members to identify potential dietary deficiencies and discuss positive solutions. Our advocacy of K2 is one of the necessary aspects of a healthy diet that can help you enjoy the quality of life you deserve. If you would like to schedule a visit and get a dental health consultation that includes nutrition, call our Edmonton office today. 780.476.3391
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