TMJ Ear & Eye Pain

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TMJ Ear & Eye Pain in Edmonton

If you’re at a loss to understand why you are experiencing pain behind your eyes or beside them, or pain and ringing in your ears, you may have TMJ disorder. If this is the case, you may have had your eyes and ears checked by your family doctor, but the source for the pain and/or congestion has not yet been determined.


Your jaw could be the source of your pain

The source of the pain could be caused by a ‘bad’ or ‘uneven’ bite. A bad bite can cause your jaw to become misaligned, with the end result being pain and discomfort.

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ or TMD) is a disorder in which the temporomandibular joint is out of alignment,. This causes your the upper and lower teeth meet incorrectly. When you jaw is out of alignment, your jaw muscles have to work extra hard to do the job they were meant to do.

Over time, inflammation builds up in your jaw muscles. Through these muscles run nerve branches that serve your face, head, neck, shoulders, and beyond. The inflammation can put pressure on these nerves, which send pain signals from the area the nerve branch is running to. This is one way that eye and ear pain can be caused.

The good news? There are dental treatment options for TMJ pain

If you’ve had no luck resolving your pain through the obvious route of your family doctor or ear and eye specialist, a dentist could be your next step. Because TMJ is a result of a jaw problem that often stems from issues with teeth, he or she is in a good position to help resolve your pain.

TMJ treatment begins with a diagnosis. Your dentist will evaluate and monitor your jaw’s position, function, sounds and movement. From there, once your jaw muscles have relaxed and your optimal bite position has been established, he or she can plan a longer-lasting treatment to keep your bite balanced.

Options to treat TMJ often come in the from of dental treatments like:

It all depends on your unique circumstances.

Is TMJ causing your ear or eye pain? Find out

If you would like to determine if your jaw is behind your eye or ear pain, please come in for a consultation.

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When it comes to treating a TMJ disorder, or any other medical or dental issue, the less invasive the treatment the better. After all, “first do no harm” is part of the Hippocratic Oath. That’s why we’d like to remind you that the information presented here should not be considered medical advice. To make sure you get the best care for your jaw joint problems, please seek advice from your physician or dentist.

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