Signs You Need TMJ Treatment

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There’s nothing quite comparable to the pain and discomfort that is caused by TMJ. Many patients of ours at Sana Dental are not even aware of what TMJ is or whether or not they have it. One of the top reasons we strongly encourage our patients to visit us regularly, or every 6 months, is so that we can diagnose potential problems like TMJ and provide you with the necessary treatments to provide you with relief. Living with TMJ can be quite painful and uncomfortable. To find out if you have TMJ, here are the top signs you need TMJ treatment. Our Edmonton dentist is ready to provide you with treatment if we find that it’s right for you.

You’re in Pain

One of the biggest signs that you need TMJ treatment is that you are in pain. TMJ pain is typically found in your jaw, neck, temples, ear, or even your shoulders. This pain can be anywhere from mild to severe depending on how severe your TMJ problem is. If you have noticed pain in any of these areas, it’s a good idea to get checked out.

You Experience Lock Jaw

A major symptom of someone with TMJ is lockjaw. Lockjaw is when your jaw gets stuck when it is either shut or open. It might happen suddenly or even unexpectedly. It might be a sign that your TMJ disorder is becoming worse. If this odd sensation has ever occurred to you, make sure to bring it up with Dr. Pavlenko.

You Experience Chronic Headaches

Patients who have TMJ usually have chronic headaches to accompany it. Chronic headaches are usually located in your temples, and/or behind your eyes. It’s also common that you experience pain in your ears and shoulders as well. The headaches are usually caused by clenching your teeth at night. If you awaken most mornings with a headache, there’s a good chance you have TMJ.

Your Jaw Clicks or Pops

Open your jaw and then shut it. Wiggle your jaw around. Do you hear any clicking or popping noises? This annoyance is a big indicator that there is an underlying TMJ problem going on. It can be caused by disc dislocation in your jaw. The clicking and popping may also be accompanied by pain. If this odd occurrence happens to you, make sure to bring it up with your Edmonton dentist.

Your Face Swells

Another major symptom that you have TMJ is that your face swells up. This might occur after eating a meal or after you wake up in the morning. Most people have one side of their face that is worse than the other side. If you find that one side of your face swells up after using your mouth a lot or after waking up, make sure to visit your dentist soon.

You Can’t Open Your Mouth Wide

Another one of the signs you need TMJ treatment is if you find it difficult to open your mouth wide. This is because your jaw is in pain and it is damaged to the point where it interrupts its functionality. You don’t have to live with this annoying problem. Our dentist has a solution for you.

Your Ears Ring

You might think that you have hearing damage or tinnitus from a loud concert you attended in your teen years but it can actually be ringing ears from TMJ. TMJ can cause ringing ears because the joint in your jaw is damaged.

Chewing is Painful

Is eating an enjoyable experience for you? If you find yourself to be in a bit of pain when you chew, this can actually be because you have TMD. TMD damages your joint which can make things as simple as chewing a difficult task. Stick with soft foods until you meet with a dentist to choose your treatment plan.

Your Teeth Hurt

The last major sign that you need TMJ treatment is if your teeth hurt. TMJ causes patients to clench or grind their teeth while they sleep which can result in you waking up with teeth that hurt. A mouth guard can be quite beneficial to wear during sleep to prevent this pain when you wake up.

Treatment Options for TMJ

There are a number of different treatments out there to help you relieve your TMJ symptoms. Some of the first that we recommend is eating a soft diet and wearing a night guard at night. These small steps may provide you with much-needed pain relief. You can also take over the counter pain medicines as well as apply ice to your jaw to help with pain and swelling. We also recommend that you do not chew on anything hard until your symptoms begin to improve. Just giving your jaw a break can do wonders for your pain and overall treatment. Our dentist can also teach you a few different relaxation exercises to help you relax your jaw.

We will give you a complete dental examination to try to find the root cause of your TMJ pain. Some patients may need an orthodontic treatment while others might need some dental work to fix their bite. The most severe cases of TMJ will require surgery. We may ask you to get a sleep test, assess your stress levels or even check your posture. With so many potential causes of TMJ, we want to rule as many out as possible.

Visit Sana Dental in Edmonton, AB For TMJ Treatment

If you think that you might be suffering from TMJ, it’s a good idea to visit your dentist for treatment sooner than later. The sooner you visit Dr. Pavlenko at Sana Dental, the sooner we can provide you with TMJ treatment that will relieve your pain for good. Give us a call or fill out our online form to request an appointment.

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