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TMJ Cost

What about TMJ cost?

Couple with Piggy BankIf you are experiencing a jaw problem, we think it’s a good idea to take care of it sooner than later. Your oral and general health are important aspects of a lively, productive life, and the impacts of of a misaligned bite and the chronic pain it can cause can be very damaging.

Where does the price tag come from?

For many people, a trip to the dentist’s office can put a strain the pocket book. That’s because good dental treatment can be expensive. The cost of TMJ treatment can comes in the form of:

  • Technology: The high-tech machines that can provide an effective diagnosis come with a hefty price tag
  • The office: A well-equipped dental office is outfitted with specialized chairs and equipment to make your treatment safe, effective, and comfortable.
  • Infection control: Infection control is another aspect of the cost of dental treatment. Ensuring dental equipment and tools are clean and germ free is something no dental office can do without.
  • Staff: A dental practice can’t run without well educated, dedicated employees. Every good dentist has a team of professionals behind him or her.
  • Dental restorations: Dental restorations like veneers and implants made of high quality porcelain come at a cost, but their strength, durability, and natural appearance can make them worth their price.

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Can you make TMJ treatment options affordable?

There are options to help make the cost of dental treatment more affordable. It is very important to Sana Dental that our patients can afford the treatment options we recommend.

If the cost of dental treatment is standing in the way of reducing your pain, we’d like to help you with a financing program designed to fit your income needs.