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TMD Decision Guide

10 SIMPLE STEPS toward making the right decision yourself. Just follow our TMD TREATMENT DECISION GUIDE below:

  • Step 1 What is TMD?

    TMD, or temporomanibular disorder, can occur when there is trauma to the jaw, such as a blow, fracture or break. It can also be caused by genetics or a misaligned bite.

    With TMD, the TMJ or temporomadibuar joint does not open or close properly.

  • Step 2 How is TMD diagnosed?

    To diagnose TMD, your dentist usually begins with an investigation into the the history of your health, and an analysis of your mouth and jaw.

    Specialized equipment such as the K-7 Evaluation System may be used.

  • Step 3 What kinds of dental treatment options are available for TMD?

    The first phase of TMD treatment is to designed to help return your jaw to physiological health. This stage of treatment often involves the use of a TENS machine and orthotics to relax your jaw muscles and put your bite into its optimal position.

    The goal of phase two TMD treatment is to keep your bite in its optimal position. To do this, we may recommend dental restorations to repair damaged teeth or replace missing teeth, orthodontics to realign crooked teeth or to reshape a too-narrow jaw, or a combination of treatments.

  • Step 4 Am I a candidate?

    If you consistently hear a click or pop when you open or close your jaw, or if your jaw moves to the side when you open or close, it’s a sign you may have a TMJ disorder.

    If you experience painful symptoms such as a sore jaw, chronic headaches, or if your neck, back and shoulder muscles are always tense, you may benefit from TMD treatment.

  • Step 5 How do I get started?

    The first step is to schedule an appointment so we can decide if TMD treatment is the best option for you.

    From there, if required, we will schedule additional appointments for the preliminary work to prepare for the fabrication of your TMD appliance.

  • Step 6 Do I need an exam?


    We will perform a comprehensive exam, including x-rays and diagnostic records to determine the best TMD appliance for your case.

  • Step 7 How are TMD appliances made?

    First we take impressions of your teeth.

    These impressions are then sent our dental lab where a technician fabricates the appliance.

  • Step 7 How long do I need to wear my appliance?

    Everybody is different, so how long you wear your appliance will depend upon the complexity of your case.

    We will monitor your progress as often as required until your TMJ is settled in to its most appropriate place, your jaw muscles relax and your symptoms begin to resolve.

  • Step 7 What is the cost?

    Cost for exam and diagnostic testing is approximately $1,531.00

Step 8 – Make an appointment below