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Our Patient Testimonials

Pearl's Story

“Physiological complete dentures and implants helped to get rid of migraine headaches and dramatically improve function and facial aesthetic.” -Edmonton Dentist Dr. Pavlenko @ Sana Dental.”

Willie's Story

“Willlie suffered with severe TMJ issues and he has been successfully recieving treatment to help correct these concerns. He has been wearing a physiological fixed mouth appliance to help with his jaw and he also recieved reconstruction on his upper teeth with the placement of implants and cosmetic porcelain restorations.”

Lisa Ground's Story

“Lisa Ground was unhappy with her overall smile and appearance. She has completed aesthetic porcelain reconstruction and is extremely happy with the changes it has made. She has had great success and has gone on to become the Mrs. North America Globe Classic 2015 winner.”

Hannah Parish's Story

“Hanna was in a terrible car accident in 2007 and was seeking treatment for 8 years before she came to Dr. Pavlenko. Some of her pain included jaw pain, migraines and back pain. The TMJ specialist she was seeing prior, was not helping her symptoms. After being referred to Dr. Pavlenko, she was set up with a DNA appliance that helped relieve her TMJ symptoms and even helped her sleep better. Dr. Pavlenko also sent her to a chiropractor to help her reposition her body in addition to a nose, throat and ear doctor to fix her deviated septum and to remove her adenoids. Thanks to Dr. Pavlenko, Hanna now lives pain-free and has better breathing during the day and during sleep. ”